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Skylight Calendar - Best Family Calendar? Apple, Outlook, Cozi, Yahoo, Google Calendar

The Skylight Calendar allows you to sync the calendars you are already using to organize your schedule for the entire family to see!

We previously reviewed the Skylight Frame and ended up gifting two of them to family members to share pictures and memories with each other. Skylight offered to sponsor a review of their calendar and of course we said yes since we enjoy using thier current products ...

Sync up the calendars you are already using

If you are looking to organize your schedule and sync up the calendars you are already using all in one place where your entire family can see it, the Skylight Calendar may be for you. You can enter events directly on the touch screen or sync it with Google Calendars, Apple iCloud Calendars, Outlook Calendars, Cozi Calendars, and Yahoo Calendars. In addition to events, dinner plans and chores/to-do lists can also be added.


The Skylight Calendar can be placed on a flat surface or hung on a wall. Just plug in the power cord into an outlet, select your wifi network, and you are ready to setup your calendar. Create an account on the Skylight website, pick a unique name for your calendar, and then you are ready to go.

Easy setup - all you need is an outlet and a wifi connection.


Colors of the events on the calendar can be customized based on the category or the selected synced calendar. The calendar can show a single day, week, or month. The screen brightness can be changed from very dim to very bright. A sleep mode can also be set to turn the screen off during selected hours of the night.


We think that the perfect place for the Skylight Calendar is the kitchen. It's a central location where it can be seen often and you can use the extra grocery list feature. The grocery list feature allows you to add to your list right on the calendar as well as on the app.

Grocery list feature

When you're out and about, just use the website or the app to check your schedule or

check-off your items on your grocery list. Changes made between the app, website, and calendar sync up within just a few minutes. Out testing showed about 1 minute between adding an event to a Google Calendar and it showing up on the Skylight Calendar.

You can find the Skylight Calendar Here:

Skylight Calendar:

Skylight Frame (for Pictures):

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