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BedJet - My Wife Won't Give this Up!

BedJet lets you customize the temperature of your bed by either moving cool air from the ground or warm air under your covers!

I'm always trying to cool the room down at night so I can sleep. My wife wants it to start off warm and then cool down throughout the night. She has purchased many electric blankets over the year. You can use two BedJets together with the AirComforter Could Sheet Dual Zone to have different temperatures on different sides of the bed.

Customize the temperature on both sides of the bed.

In the package you'll get the main base unit, a set of pieces to hold it against the bed, a cloth covered flexible tube which can expand, and a remote control.


Setup was very simple. Lift up the mattress to insert the holder. Customize the height of the holder. Attach the tube to the main base unit. Attach the other end to the holder around the cloth part of the tube. Insert the portion that flows into the bed. From there you can either route it under your sheets or place it in the opening of the Cloud Sheet. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes the first time. I can now move it and set it up in under 45 seconds.

Controlling is very simple as well with either the remote control or the app.

Control the BedJet with other the remote control or the app which looks just like the remote control, but has other features.

The remote allows you to customize the output level, cool, heat, or super heat. You can also mute the sounds which is a great feature if there is more than one of you. The last piece is the timer. There are more settings and customization on the app. The main unit shows the status via lights in a simple yet nice manner.

Check out our video review below:

BedJet V2 / Cloud Sheet (BedJet) -

BedJet V2 / Cloud Sheet (Amazon) -

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