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FlexiSpot Adjustable Height Standing Desk - Best Standing Desk?

The FLEXISPOT Adjustable Height desk is great for the office, photography, and as a craft table!

FlexiDesk Standing Desk

As technology advances, people are spending endless hours at their desk. This can cause many health issues including back pain.

It's great to be able to adjust from a sitting position to a standing position throughout the day.

I spent a great deal of time researching the different desk options before buying this desk from FlexiSpot.

My criteria were as follows

  1. White top without power grommets (holes)

  2. 30" deep and between 48" to 53" wide

  3. Stable at reasonable heights

  4. Reasonable price

1. White Top without Power Grommets

My primary purpose for this standing desk is to use it for photography and filming. I read a number of reviews from people that didn't enjoy the grommets in other model as well, therefore I didn't want power grommets. Underneath there is a grid to use to attach cables for cable management, but FlexiSpot does not offer optional cable management trays like many others.

2. Depth & Width

Most brands offer options in these widths and depths. I needed a smaller desk due to where I wanted it located within my studio. If you have the space, some of the longer desks are very nice.

3. Stability

A big concern with adjustable height desks (standing desks) is stability. You do not want the desk to be rocking back-and-forth at the timing of your typing. I chose the upgraded dual motor 3 piece leg (E5 series). I had heard that it was more stable, and it also has more versitility.

At the lowest level (24.4") it is as stable as can be. I can not get it to rock forward-and-back or from side-to-side.

At a sitting level of (~30") it is very stable as well. I really didn't find any issues what so ever.

At a nice standing height (~38"), it is still fairly stable. I don't notice any issues, but I can get it to wobble some forward-to-back. It is a little uncertain of the cause since it's on thick carpet with thick padding.

At the full height (~48"), the stability becomes an issue. The desk will wobble forward-to-back quite a bit, and also side-to-side some amount.

4. Price

There are many commercial standing desks out there that start at around $1,000 and go up from there. There are many more brands that now start at a few hundred dollars and then go up from there. FlexiSpot is definitely on the lower end of the price spectrum.

Other thoughts

The control unit is super easy to use with up, down, three memory locations. Once at the desired level, hit the 'M' and the preset you want to store it at. After that you simply press the number to set the height or manually just with the up and down arrows.

You can get $15 off the FlexiSpot Desks by using the coupon code friendly15

Height Adjustable:

Quick Install:

Flexispot 55" E5 Gray Frame Only:

Flexispot E6S-R5540N Gray Frame:

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