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Saal-Digital Professional Photo Book - You'll Want to Hang it On Your Wall

The Saal-Digital Professional Photo Book with Acrylic Cover is a combines of a piece of art with a photo book!

We love both photography and videography! We were excited when Saal-Digital gave us a chance to check out their professional line of photo books through a voucher (discount). We've previously reviewed glass and acrylic prints, but never when combined with a photo book.

Acrylic pint combined with a photo book

Our family loves national parks and used this book to capture moments in time at some of our favorite places.

The Build

The first and most obvious feature that will hit your first is the acrylic print on the cover. Make sure to choose your photo wisely, because this is the place to showcase your greatest work.

A professional quality binding holds together the cover with the pages. There are multiple color options to choose from, and we went with the classic black look. There are also options for a gloss or matte finish on the pages as well as a premium thickness called XT (extra thick). We went with the gloss on standard pages. Even with the standard pages, it feels close to photo print quality. You can also add options such as a gift box.

It feels close to photo print quality

Photo Book Creation

There are 3 methods to create a Saal-Digital photo book.

  • The first option (recommended) is to download the Saal-Digital application on to your computer. There you can select your photo book options and then design the book using their layout system. You can either use pre-populated layouts or customize everything to your liking including the background color.

  • The second option is to download the Saal-Digital app on your mobile device such as your iPhone. I prefer the computer based approach, but either will work.

  • The third option is to download Photoshop and InDesign plug-ins with file templates and exact dimensions. I believe this is best for professionals that are comfortable with their work flow in Photoshop or InDesign or for professionals that have repeat business such as wedding photographers.

Print Quality

The professional phonebook print quality looks stunning. If you are creating a larger book such as the 12" x 12" one we created, make sure the quality of your photos are high enough to show off the print quality.

Make sure the quality of your photos are high enough to show off the print quality

The ability for photos to span two pages is definitely a pro of the Saal-Digial professional photo books. The fold line blends in nicely.

This can make for some absolutely beautiful spreads. Specially if you have large prints spanning 12" x 24".

The print is full from edge to edge. If you choose a layout or for your pictures to not go from edge to edge, the background colors are solid and rich.

We enjoy our Saal-Digital Phonebook. It's truly a piece of art to show off.

You can find the Saal-Digial Professional Photo Book Here:

Saal-Digital Professional Photobook:

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