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MEATER Review - #1 Food Cooking Hack & Gadget

Use this Tech & App combo to take all of the guesswork out of cooking meat. Conquer that perfect medium steak!


The MEATER is a wireless meat thermometer that pairs with a sophisticated app so you can cook your meet exactly how you want it. It was sent to me to checkout. It comes with a probe and a bamboo charging base. When you want to use the MEATER, you simply take it out of the charging base and it will connect to your device via Bluetooth. Select the meat, type, and how you want it cooked. The app will guide you on when to take it out. When you are done, wash it with soap and water, dry it off, and store it back in the charging base until you are ready to use it again. The charging base can provide up to 100 charges, which is around 1 year in my house.

The Setup Just Worked

I was impressed that it just worked. The MEATER probe paired with my iPhone X immediately with no issues. I setup MEATER Link, and it then relayed the connection to all other devices on my home network. Then I enabled MEATER Cloud, and it relayed the connection to any device that has an internet connection. You can checkup on your cooking while you are grocery shopping.

The Bluetooth connection by itself will allow you to connect to the probe from between 10 to 33 feet away. When it was in the oven located at the center of my home, I could connect to it from the second story, main floor, and basement. When located in my grill behind my house, it could only connect on the main floor.

Using the App

The MEATER App is very simple to use. There is a beef, pork, poultry, lamb, and fish option. Once you select the type of meat, you select the type of cut. For example, I selected Ribeye. Next you get to select how you want it cooked.

USDA Built In

The MEATER App shows the USDA recommendations with the blue logo so you know what is safe.

You can select all of the different cooking preferences from rare to well done. I like that the USDA recommended temperatures are on the App so you know what is safe. I selected Medium which is 145 degrees Fahrenheit.


Once you make sure the probe is inserted past the groove in the middle that indicates the dividing line between the internal and the ambient sensors, you are good to go. Just put the meat with he prove in it on the grill or in the oven.

The App will show you the internal temperature, target temperature, and the ambient temperature. This can be particularly helpful while grilling. What is also useful while grilling is that you can set custom alarms so that it will tell you when the ambient falls below or goes above your settings. I thought the plot was really cool where you can see the temperature of the meat and the ambient over time. You'll know everyone someone opened up the door to check on it.

Resting the Meat

The MEATER even tells you when to take the meat out so that it can rest to get perfectly to the target temperature.

One of my favorite features is that it tells you when to take the meat out to rest properly. If you don't cook much, once you take the meat out, the internal temperature will continue to rise for a short time. If you want it perfect, you must time the resting properly, and this takes the guess work right out of it.


Overall, we have been enjoying the #MEATER, and highly recommend it. We will continue using it for nearly any meat that we cook. Its only limitation is if the meat is really small, and the probe can be inserted in to it properly. The MEATER Block is coming around the corner, and will have 4 probes and a base that can connect to all 4 of them to the MEATER Link. #MEATERBlock #MEATERMade #MEATThermometer #CookingHack #CookingGadget

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