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LASER X FUSION - Amazing Modular Laser Tag Blaster Set!

The LASER X FUSION is a new modular laser tag blaster set that can make a wide blast and long distance blast and be split apart for 2 players!

Laser X Fusion Laser Tag

The all new LASER X Fusion is a new modular laser tag set that allows you to customize your blasters. The set comes with two blasters. Players can choose to be on the blue team, red team, or go rouge against everyone.

The LASER X FUSION blaster works with the 5 million existing LASER X sets around the world.

A wide beam adapter can be added to create a shorter range spread similar to that in the game Contra. The long distance adapter the extends the range up to 500 feet. We tested it at dusk and it actually worked, but I must warn you that you must be very accurate at that range. They include a spotting scope that provides some much needed zoom.



The LASER X FUSION comes with a front vest receiver and a bask vest receiver. When they are connected together the player can get hit from both the font and the back, but it also enables a special feature. Tap the front vest receiver and it enables a blast blocker for a few seconds making the player invincible.

Laser X Fusion Blasters Laser Tag

One of the great things about this set is that you can use it with two players.

The back receiver can be used as an arm mini receiver on a second player to separate the blasters for two players.

Laser X Fusion Blaster Laser Tag

Players can also play with headphones and hear an audio track as well as coaching as they play. There is an audible beep that continues while the blasters are powered on. This can give away a players position if someone is close. It also helps to make sure the blasters are not left on accidentally. Check out our video review below:




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