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Exploring Bamburgh Castle, UK

Bamburgh Castle has a lot of history and some amazing views as it sits on the beach.

Bamburgh Castle

Sitting on the Northeast cost of England in Northumberland, Bambrugh Castle, the castle has been sacked many times passing back and forth between the Britons and Anglo-Saxons before being destroyed by the Vikings. The core of what can be seen today was rebuilt by the Normans, and finally restored by the famous industrialist and inventor William Armstrong.

That castle is in great condition, and prime for touring.

If you are spending a day in Bamburgh, I'd suggest starting it off or ending it at the beach to capture some amazing sunrise or sunset pictures of the castle on the beach.

Bamburgh Castle

If you catch the tide just right, you can walk out without getting wet, and still capture its beautiful reflection on the wet beach.

Bamburgh Castle

There are also beautiful trails between the beach and the castle that you can walk along. Some of them can get a bit sandy, so keep that in mind with your shoe selection.

Inside the Castle

The parking lot just East of the castle will provide you the shortest walking distance to the entrance of the castle. Bamburgh castle is very well kept. The interior is beautiful.

Bamburgh Castle Interior

I was there on a drizzly day nearly with the entire place to myself. The workers there were nice enough to move the signage out of the way so I could get these amazing shots of the interior.

The ceiling and the wood work was amazing to look at. It would be an amazing place to entertain a large number of guests.

Bamburgh Castle Interior

Bamburgh Castle Interior

While you visit, don't forget to check out the William Armstrong Museum, and I hope you have as good of a time as I did!


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